AFRALO Capacity Building Webinar 2022: “Privacy and Data Protection”


Speakers: Brian Gutterman, Yazid Akanho, Paul Muchene 

Theme: Privacy and Data Protection in the DNS Ecosystem

  1. Introduction – Hadia – 5 mins 
  2. Responsible Domain Name Registration and Management, Domain Name Management Best Practices (Brian Gutterman) -20 mins
  3. Security considerations and best practices– Paul Muchene- 20 mins
  4. Takeaways – Brian and Paul and Yazid – 20 mins
  5. Questions and Answers- 25 mins

Resources to enhance your knowledge


SSAC Advisory on Registrant Protection: Best Practices for Preserving Security and Stability in the Credential Management Lifecycle

DNS Security Introduction and Requirements

RFC 4033

French Version of an Infographic re. Protecting Domain Names –

Resource Records for the DNS Security Extensions

RFC 4034

Protocol Modifications for the DNS Security Extensions 
RFC 4035 – OCTO 003: Local and Internet Policy Implications of Encrypted DNS

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